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Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

GMAT is the standard test to enter MBA Business School. It is computerized test, consisting of 150 minutes of multiple-choice testing plus two 30-minute anlytical essays.

GMAT Format

Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA): 60 minutes, 2 essays assignment
*Analytical of an Argument Topic (30 minutes)
*Analysis of an Issue Topic (30 minutes)

Quantitive (Math) Section: 75 minutes, 37 questions
*Data sufficiency questions
*Problem Solving questions

*Verbal Section: 75 minutes, 41 questions
*Reading comprehension questions
*Sentence Correction questions
*Critical Reasoning questions

GMAT Scoring
*Overall scaled score    from 200 to 800
*Quantitative scaled subscore    from 0 to 60
*Verbal scaled subscore    from 0 to 60
*AWA Score, from 0 to 6. This score is separate from your overall score for Quantitative and Verbal

Because the test is graded on a preset curve, the scaled score will correspond to a certain percentile, which will also be given on your score report. A 650 overall score, for instance, corresponds to the 80th percentile, meaning that 80 percent of test takers score at or below this level. The percentile figure is important because it allows admissions officers at business schools to get a sense quickly of where you fall in the poll of applicants.

Percentile        Approximate Score
99th percentile        760
95th percentile        720
90th percentile        700
80th percentile        650
75th percentile        630
50th percentile        550

While the median GMAT Score is arround 550, test takers need a score of at least 650 to be considered competitive by top MBA Business Schools.

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