Kamis, Juli 11, 2013

Bursa Efek Indonesia (Indonesia Stock Exchange)

The Jakarta Composite Index (JSE) continuing its decreasing value after reached its peak at 5214 on May 20, 2013. On the graph above illustrate that JSE run rising slowly from 2012 until Jul 2013. From 2011 until 2013, JSE hit the lowest peak at 3293 on Oct 5, 2011. Beside on that paragraph, JSE is still expected to moving slightly on the forthcoming few months. Nevertheless, it quite difficult to beat the highest point reached on May 2013 due to decreasing economy on the Europe, China and America.

At the above table shows 20 most active stocks on the Jakarta Composite Index on July 11, 2013. PT Lippo Karawaci (LPKR) is the most active stock in the market. From previous day (July 10, 2013) there are 2823 trade frequency, including buy and sell, on that stock. PT Bank Mandiri (BMRI) is the second. There is 1747 trade frequency on previous day. As we can see on the above table, top gainer stock is TMPI (PT AGIS) by 10.67%. This count from previous price (375) compared with last price (415). Top looser obtain by BORN (PT Borneo Lumbung Energy). This emitent get loss 14.29% from last price (330) compared with previous price (385). PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (TLKM) get gain only 0.44%.

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