Sabtu, Maret 20, 2010

Quality in Service Organization

Has a lot of literature and articles that explain about the quality in manufacturing organizations. Most written that the quality is a very important aspect to ensure that the product defect-free. Yet very little is discussed about the quality of service organization. The question is:

The answer is ABSOLUTELY CAN DO!! The main purpose of the service organization is satisfactory, then the absolute quality aspects are also applicable flow. Just here lies some differences among the object. Manufacturing companies to produce goods in accordance with the requirements and meet customer satisfaction requirements. While the service organization is to produce services that are in accordance with the requirements. This seen that the final goal of the quality aspect of the service company is customer satisfaction, just as manufacturing companies.

In the shipping company, quality aspects are integrated with the other aspects. Safety aspect is more emphasized since shipping business is a risky business that is high enough. In each operation, financial aspects of the ship requires tremendous. Especially when viewed from the load to be transported, the operational costs of transportation and distribution costs itself and other support costs. The amount of capital used to this big curved to be supported by the company's quality control effectively.

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